GlycoBio Dataset

The GlycoBio dataset is a tool for carbohydrate researchers. These datasets are linked to various glycan related databases. These database links are linked not only to glycans but to life-science databases, and researchers can obtain various information.

Glyc-Database Information Retrieval


The GlycoProject ...


The GlycoSample was developed to serve as a location in which to store descriptive information about the biological source, or samples, used to generate experimental data. The GlycoSample include data such as a cell line, a tissue, an organism.


GlycoAbun is dataset of abundance ratio for glycans.


The GlycoDisease is a dataset of ...


GRGene is a dataset of Glycan Related Gene. This dataset manually was extracted human, rat, mouse as a species from the major gene database.


GlycoSite is a dataset of glycosylation site and saccharide interaction sites. it is based on PDB data.